BJJ Black Belt Takes on ENORMOUS Bodybuilder

BJJ vs. bodybuilder

As opposed to your typical BJJ fighter vs. bodybuilder matchup, the enormous bodybuilder in the first match in this video actually appears to have some grappling experience! This is a good demonstration of what happens when someone with a huge strength advantage and a little technique meets a much smaller trained fighter.

And as an added bonus, this video ends with a classic BJJ vs. bodybuilder matchup: Pedro Sauer vs. Lance Bachelor. Enjoy!

BJJ vs. bodybuilder

Joe Rogan and Michael Bisping Discuss Steroids in MMA

Joe Rogan Michael Bisping

On Joe Rogan Experience MMA Show #52, Joe Rogan and MMA legend Michael Bisping discussed the prevalence of steroids in MMA. Below are some highlights of their conversation.

Michael Bisping on His Lack of Steroid Use

[I’ve] never tested positive in my life. Let me tell you something, I’m not a guy that scours the back of everything I read. I’m a careless [person]. I really am. I wish I wasn’t, but I am. I’m just going through my life doing what I do. I’ve been tested a million times, never come close. Some of the guys, they blow up the lab. There’s no smoke without fire. You know what I’m saying?”

Joe Rogan and Michael Bisping
Joe Rogan and Michael Bisping

Joe Rogan on Steroid Use in MMA

“I remember there was talk years back, before USADA, there was talk of certain camps that would hire guys who knew testing. And these guys would orchestrate a program for these fighters to make sure that they didn’t get caught. They would figure out ways to taper off but still keep your gains and make sure that you didn’t test positive at all. And this was done under the assumption that everyone else was cheating as well. And for a long time that was how a lot of people viewed the sport. There [were] guys like you, BJ Penn, there [were] a few guys that you just knew weren’t going to do anything. It was their word. They said they were never going to do anything, and they never looked like they did anything. You always maintained the exact same physique throughout your entire career.”

Michael Bisping and Joe Rogan
Michael Bisping and Joe Rogan

Michael Bisping on TRT Therapy in MMA

“Well, the thing is, I think, where it started getting a little weird, and I don’t want to bang on about steroids too much, because that’s been a narrative that…I’ve said my piece about that. I don’t want to bang on about it too much. But I think where the waters really got murky is when TRT came in. Testosterone replacement therapy became a thing, and all you had to do was go to your doctor and said, hey, I can’t get a hard on or whatever and all of a sudden, they sign you off on TRT.”

TRT Vitor Belfort
TRT Vitor

Joe Rogan and Michael Bisping on “TRT Vitor”

Joe: “Well, we talked about TRT Belfort, TRT Vitor Belfort, when he was on TRT he was a different kind of human being. He was just completely different than he is in any other circumstances.”

Michael: “Oh yeah, looking back, you can see that. I mean, because when I fought him, I fought him on TRT.” 

Joe: “You fought him when he was Super Vitor.”

Michael: “Absolutely. Looked like the Incredible Hulk.”

Joe: “He had butt muscles on his eyebrows.” 

Michael: “Yeah, looking back you can see that. But at the time, as a fighter, you can’t think like that. You know what I mean?”

Michael Bisping vs. TRT Belfort
Michael Bisping vs. TRT Vitor

Michael Bisping on “TRT Vitor”

“I remember there was a picture of us both on the scale in Brazil. And looking back now, he is huge. Anyone else would think, ‘He’s kind of big, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.’ But you don’t think like that at the time. You can’t as a fighter. If you start having those thoughts, those doubts, you start looking at a fighter’s physique and thinking, ‘Oh, he looks good.’ You’ve already lost. But in hindsight, you can look back and say, ‘What was I thinking? This guy is roided out of his mind.’

“I remember on there, I was trying to get a rise out of him, and he kept putting his hand in my face. I’m not a religious guy, and God bless anyone that is. I mean that I respect everyone’s opinions, but I’m not, and as we know, Vitor is heavily religious, and he kept sticking his fist in my face, and he was pissing me off. So, I said, ‘Vitor, come here, come here.’ And he leans in, and I said, ‘There is no Jesus.” Maybe there is, maybe there isn’t. [Maybe] me getting dropped with a head kick in the second round, maybe that was God thwarting me, who knows?”

Joe Rogan Experience

The 10 Worst Weight Cuts in UFC History

Conor McGregor weight cut

This list of the 10 worst weight cuts in UFC history was originally compiled by MMA on Point. Follow the link and subscribe!

Some fighters cut massive amounts before their fights and still look like a million bucks at the weigh-in. Others, however, look like they’re on the brink of collapse. In fact, some have collapsed. In this article, we count down the 10 worst weight cuts in UFC history.

#10: Kenny Florian, UFC 136

In Kenny Florian’s UFC career, he saw fights from middleweight to lightweight, where he would find his most success. But later in his tenure, Florian decided to make the move to featherweight to fight Jose Aldo, and the drastic weight cut was on full display at the UFC 136 weigh-in, where Florian looked completely sunken in. He would make the weight, but his gaunt appearance was shocking in comparison to what we had seen from him in the past. This fight would go on to be Florian’s last.

Kenny Florian
Kenny Florian

#9: James Irvin, UFC on Versus One

Former heavyweight WEC champion James Irvin had seen decent success in his second run in the UFC at light heavyweight, even being allowed to welcome Anderson Silva to the division. After his loss to Silva, though, Irvin decided it was time to move down to middleweight. And when he hopped on the scales for his debut against Alessio Sakara, he looked like a completely different person, his face massively sunken in and his body with far less water in it than any person probably should have. After the scary new look, he would return to light heavyweight the very next fight. Judging by his appearance, this was probably the right decision.

James Irvin
James Irvin

#8: Anthony Johnson, UFC 106

Before he fought at light heavyweight and heavyweight, Anthony “Rumble” Johnson used to rumble at welterweight. However, multiple failures to make weight forced him to eventually move up. When Rumble weighed in prior to his fight with Josh Koscheck, it was clear that 170 was far too light for the massive fighter, as he looked more like the ghost of Rumble than the hulking fighter we know today.

Anthony Rumble Johnson
Anthony “Rumble” Johnson

#7: Johny Hendricks, UFC 200

Johny Hendricks was well known for his massive cut to fight at welterweight. By UFC 200, though, it appeared that cutting so much weight over the years had finally caught up with the former champ. At the UFC 200 weigh-in, Hendrix looked particularly sickly without his signature beard to hide how sunken his face was, and his physique appeared noticeably less impressive than it had at weigh-ins past. Hendrix would go on to miss weight several times before retiring from MMA.

Johny Hendricks

#6: Daniel Cormier, UFC 214

Daniel Cormier is a happy guy when he fights at heavyweight. When he’s weighing in at 205, however, it’s a different story. Cormier notoriously struggled with the cut down to light heavyweight, and at no time was that more apparent than his rematch with Jon Jones at UFC 214, where he looked like he had been on a desert island for the last several years.

Daniel Cormier
Daniel Cormier

#5: Yoel Romero, UFC 225

Yoel Romero’s body seems to defy all logic. He is a massive middleweight in his 40s who can jump over a person standing upright. But much like Johnny Hendricks at 170, the years of making a huge cut down to 185 caught up with Romero at UFC 225, where he looked like death on the scales and was unable to make weight. In fact, video captured after the weigh-in showed Romero struggling to make it back to his hotel room. He would try to cut the rest of the weight, but after an hour the commission shut him down, and he had no choice but to forfeit 20% of his fight purse.

Yoel Romero
Yoel Romero

#4: Mizuto Hirota, UFC Fight Night 117

At the weigh-in for his featherweight debut at UFC Fight Night 117, Mizuto Hirota looked visibly exhausted when stepping on the scale, as if the act of stepping up just a few inches was a monumental task. After missing weight by five pounds, he froze up on the scale. And then, when stepping back, he looked as if he might collapse. Dazed, he was then helped off the stage by his team.

Mizuto Hirota

#3: Kevin Lee, UFC 216

Wrestlers are well acquainted with cutting weight. At UFC 216, Kevin Lee, a former collegiate wrestler, had an interim lightweight title scheduled, and he was determined to make weight no matter what. Lee looked terrible on the scales, sporting eyes sunk into his skull and a staff infection on his chest. When he missed weight, he appeared utterly confused by what was happening. He returned an hour later, however, looking no better but making the weight.

Kevin Lee
Kevin Lee

#2: Max Holloway, UFC 218

At UFC 218, Max was set to rematch Jose Aldo in his first title defense. Holloway, who is normally a boisterous character, was solemn as he took the scale, his body looking completely drained and his face gone from the dehydration. Max blankly stared into the distance as he was weighed. The whole scene was a disturbing reminder of just how much these athletes go through to compete on Saturday nights.

Max Holloway
Max Holloway

#1: Conor McGregor, Fight Night 59

The example that seems to come to everyone’s mind when they think of fighters looking like death at weigh-ins is Conor McGregor heading into his fight with Dennis Siver at Fight Night Boston. Before permanently moving up in weight, Connor often stressed the difficult of making the featherweight limit. And although Conor had looked bad before, his appearance at the UFC Fight Night 59 weigh-in was shocking. Connor’s body looked like it was wasting away, and his face looked like a skull. Even more jarring was an interview he did directly after on Fox Sports with Ariel Helwani, one that garnered over 4 million views on YouTube, with almost all the top comments being about McGregor’s startling appearance. Of course, Connor would go on to have great success at featherweight, but it’s clear from the weigh-ins that his body paid a heavy price to compete at that weight.

Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor

Want to see the worst weight cuts in UFC history? Check out this excellent video from MMA on Point!

Worst weight cuts in UFC History