Internet Troll Calls Out Joe Rogan: Pays Price

Joe Rogan vs. Troll
Joe Rogan vs. Troll

In addition to being a comedian, UFC commentator, actor, and popular podcast host, Joe Rogan is a serious martial artist. Rogan holds black belts in BJJ and taekwondo, and he has experience in boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai. In other words, Joe Rogan is not to be messed with.

Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo
Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo

Joe Rogan vs. Myspace Challenger

Back in the days of Myspace, an internet troll learned just how tough Joe Rogan is when he called him out for a grappling match online. Joe accepted the challenge, and the two met up at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Headquarters in Los Angeles, California, to settle the score. As you can see in the video below, Joe made quick work of the troll.

Joe Rogan fight

Joe Rogan vs. Myspace Challenger Techniques

In his grappling match with the internet troll, Joe used the following three techniques:

(1) Arm-in guillotine: The arm-in guillotine is a variation of the guillotine choke. This is a great submission to apply when an opponent initiates a takedown. In the following video, BJJ and MMA legend Renzo Gracie demonstrates the arm-in guillotine choke:

Arm-in guillotine

(2) Anaconda choke: The anaconda choke is a type of arm triangle choke that is performed from the front headlock position. In the following video, Tom Davey of the Grappling Academy demonstrates the anaconda choke:

Anaconda choke

(3) Rear naked choke: The rear naked choke is a choke that is applied from an opponent’s back. The word “naked” in the name refers to the fact that the choke does not require the use of the BJJ gi to complete. In the following video, BJJ coach John Danaher demonstrates how to perform the rear naked choke:

Rear naked choke

Joe Rogan vs. Myspace Challenger Analysis

The following video by BJJ Trickster provides an excellent technical analysis of Joe’s encounter with the troll:

Joe Rogan fight

How Good is Joe Rogan at BJJ?

On episode 73 of the Joe Rogan Experience, legendary BJJ coach Jean Jacques Machado had the following to say about Joe Rogan’s BJJ skills:

“I have to mention something because I get a lot of messages from people [asking if Joe Rogan is any good at BJJ]. I say, ‘ Man, come to my school anytime. Joe Rogan shows up, and he’s back now training. It’s not about his power, man, he doesn’t care. He wrestles everybody, anybody, and I see him twist people around….'”

Joe Rogan and Jean Jacques Machado
Joe Rogan and Jean Jacques Machado

Machado then elaborated by describing a recent training session between him and Rogan:

“[H]e’s one of the hardest students, training partners, that I have, and I think one of the last times I wrestled him in my Malibu school, I think we trained maybe for half an hour [or] something like that. I was there for, I don’t know, 20 minutes just trying to sweep Joe, and Joe is right there. [After] I finished the training, [I was very sore], and I don’t remember if I did sweep him or not.”

Check out the video of Rogan and Machado’s conversation here:

Joe Rogan fight

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