“Red Belt” Dojo Storms BJJ School—FAILS

BJJ Dojo Storm
BJJ Dojo Storm

When a shirtless man in a red sash showed up at a BJJ school asking for a fight, one of the school’s brown belts was more than happy to oblige his request. A member of the school had this to say about the incident:

“He came and asked for a MMA fight in our Dojo at Estrella Team. He is a good example of the famous Rickson Gracie quote about people who don’t practice BJJ: ‘I am a shark, the ground is my ocean, and most people can’t even swim.’ Anyway, it was a good experience for him. I guess he’ll train BJJ now.”

Luckily for us, the incident was captured on camera. Check it out below.

BJJ dojo storm

What is a Dojo Storm?

The dojo storm is a practice that involves going to another gym to challenge the instructor or students to a fight. The dojo storm has a long and storied history in BJJ.

Dojo storm
There’s even a video game dedicated to dojo storming!

Dojo Storm Benefits

Despite its bad reputation, the dojo storm actually has a few benefits, including:

The Dojo Storm Exposes Fake Martial Arts

For each effective martial art, there are hundreds of fake ones. Instructors who teach fake martial arts are often full of excuses when challenged to prove that their styles are effective, including:

“My martial art is too dangerous to apply at full speed.”

“My martial arts techniques are secret, so I can’t expose them in competition.”

“My martial art is too pure for competition.”

Despite these excuses, real martial artists know that the true test of a martial art is whether it works on a resisting opponent. By avoiding full-contact sparring or fighting, instructors who teach fake martial arts can continue to deceive their students.

Super Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Dojo Storm Video Game Footage

Dojo Storming Exposes Frauds

Another benefit of the dojo storm is that it exposes frauds. There are a lot of fake black belts out there. In fact, there are tons of videos online of fake black belts being exposed in their gyms by real martial artists. Generally, these types of people claim to be black belts despite little to no actual martial arts training. Fake black belts don’t only give the martial arts a bad name, but they place their students in danger by giving them a false sense of security about their techniques. Dojo storms are a great way to weed out these frauds and steer their students towards legitimate martial arts academies.

Dojo Storming Demonstrates the Efficiency of Different Styles

Finally, dojo storming allows martial artists to demonstrate the efficiency of their styles. BJJ schools have a long history of dojo storming legitimate martial arts academies to prove the superiority of BJJ. Often, these dojo storms would result in mutual respect between the schools, particularly when the instructors and students of the challenged schools performed bravely and admirably.

The Bottom Line

Dojo storming has a long history in BJJ. As long as it is done for the purpose of advancing the martial arts, it can ultimately be a positive thing.

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